a satellite site…really?

You can tell I was the Headline Editor at my school newspaper. Actually, the ‘site’ is my first voiceover blog, but I’ve updated a few things for your browsing pleasure. Sooo…need answers to your voiceover questions?  Have just the place: my blogspot site.  For starters, there’s voiceover training and info from great voices in the business. As you mosey around (is there such a word?) find  links to pros in marketing and social media.  Inside the blog? Posts about voiceover, marketing, media, communications…and okay, one post on pie.

Movie Trailers – it’s Art.

Check out the article from NPR: The Art of the Modern Movie Trailer.

New documentaries: and all on a New Channel.

My new channel on youtube is here!  There’s a vlog, too.  And new style and fashion promos.

Videos on Fashion Icons & Style.

Fashion and travel is happening in the recording booth lately. Scripts for fashion. Scripts for tourism. I’ve been wanting to pack a suitcase and wear a deluxe slipper ensemble in the studio. And so you ask, where is the place to see fashion in Texas? Fashion Houston 2011. Shows from designers Barbara Tfank, Douglas Hannant, Chloe Dao, Cesar Galindo, Robert Rodriguez and the Houston-based designer Jerri Moore, made every moment of FH 2011 a major success.  Hear all about the event by clicking on the videos at my channel on YouTube. I’m the voice of the person wearing slippers.

Just as I get comfy wearing fashionable slippers, a script shows up in the studio describing exotic locations, sandy beaches, margaritas. Not necessarily in that order.

I can then comfortably switch from slippers – to barefoot.

Workin’ it on the runway.

A recent voiceover project from the Fashion Houston event  – a short documentary about fashion icon Eileen Ford called “6 Decades of Defining Beauty“.  My daughter and I really enjoyed the event – and had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Eileen and Fashion Houston Style Icon Lynn Wyatt as well.

Designing Promos.

As Fashion Week wrapped up, the producer mixes in my voice to film, so here’s what designer’s were hearing about fashion.

Voiceover and You – more fine tuning.

By now, you’ve already attended voiceover classes, set up your studio, and maybe even scored a few new voiceover gigs.

But there’s even more to learn. Take some time this week and read a few articles or blog posts about what other voiceover talent have to say about their craft. I love reading these stories because the voice talent write about the voiceover business from their perspective; their own humble beginnings, their first time in the studio; to meeting producers, copywriters, clients… and everyone in between. Plus, they take the time to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Deborah Puette is one of those talent; and she has written an excellent article for Backstage – The Actor’s Resource (an online resource). She writes about her experiences in making a voice demo – from start to finish – including mics, marketing, agents, and auditions.

Story courtesy of Backstage

reprinted from an earlier post